Food Friday: Greek Festival

This week’s Food Friday post is a bit different. Instead of chatting about one of my favorite local restaurants, I’m posting about the an annual food festival!

Last weekend, the hubs and I made our way to the Santa Cruz Greek Festival (it was a long trek – about a 5 minute walk from our house, ha!) We had been a year and a half ago, but it was in May and that is apparently a much smaller event.

All photos in this post from Greek Festival's FB page

All photos in this post from Greek Festival’s FB page

The festival is held on Church street and has many Greek food vendors to choose from: gyros, vegetarian, pastries, BBQ, etc. The hubs picked up a gyro, I had stuffed eggplant, and we shared a salad. There is live music and beer and wine – we each had a nice cold beer on a warm afternoon. The food is really good and has options that are not usually at your typical Greek restaurant. They also don’t have what we might consider the traditional fare of falafels and pita bread.


After hanging out with the music, we passed some of the vendors and the rock climbing wall  (so much to offer here) and tried some loukoumades. Yum! Loukoumades are basically like a donut (but not shaped like one) but with honey and walnuts. We brought these home to eat while watching the Niners beat the Cowboys.