Food Friday: 2 Blocks Up

Alright, last Food Friday post from my traveling way back at the end of June and beginning of July. I am ending with a family spot in Bremerton, Washington: Two Blocks Up. The cute little restaurant is co-owned by the hubs’ aunt and cousin. It’s a fun little stop just a short walk up from the ferry in Bremerton.

Catering Goodness

Catering Goodness

We always hit up the cafe when are in Washington and not just because it family owned (although that definitely encourages all of us to get together there!). But the food is really good! On Thursdays they have taco specials and they alternate other specials throughout the week. When we were there last, the hubs had their pulled pork sandwich special and he said it was really good! (I don’t eat pork so I had a yummy chopped salad instead.) They also make espresso drinks and Italian sodas, as well as serve beer and wine. Usually they are open until mid-late afternoon but for special events in town they are also open. They update their Facebook page with special menu items and events.

Love the interior!

Love the interior!

The vibe of Two Blocks Up is simple but personalized. They even have some old family items around the dining area… if you go, you’ll have to see if you can find them!

Patio dining

Patio dining

When the hubs and I were engaged, we had a wedding shower at the restaurant and it was great. It is the perfect sized space and they make special appetizers and desserts for events like this. We even had  little cakes with our wedding colors and personalized options. So it’s great not just for a drop in meal but also to plan a special event.

And now, I’ve wrapped up the travel series of Food Friday – at least for now! Next week it will be back to my favorite spots in Santa Cruz (and I’ve been eating at some of them this week!). Look for me to throw in some breweries/tap houses and wineries into the mix too! And if you have a favorite restaurant in the Central Coast area, share it with me so I can check it out too (post in the comments or my Facebook page).


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