Food Friday: Santiagos

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! But here we are and I’m continuing highlighting some of my favorite spots from traveling during the last week of June and first week of July. My last two posts focused on restaurants in Southern California and today I’m shifting gears to Washington. We went up to visit my husband’s family as well as see our nephew play in a tournament for his summer team. While we were mostly in western Washington, we went to Yakima, central Washington, for the baseball tournament. (Spoiler: the nephew’s team totally won the tournament and he did some amazing pitching!!) So my first of two Washington restaurants is in Yakima. (Fun fact: Yakima claims to be the Palm Springs of Washington, I feel like they might want to aim a little higher!)

Outside porch of Santiago's (photo cred their FB page)

Outside porch of Santiago’s (photo cred their FB page)

Santiago’s is in downtown Yakima (very cute stretch of town) and claims to have the largest tequila selection north of the border (I assume they mean the Oregon/Washington border as there are a LOT of California spots with tons of tequila options). I was a little weary of eating Mexican food in Washington as I have found the further I get from Mexico, the less good Mexican food is. However, I was pleasantly surprised. This was not the same type of Mexican food I might enjoy in So Cal but it was still very good. However, be warned, their portions are HUGE! I can eat a lot, but there was no way I could even come close to finishing my enchiladas. Everyone got something different to eat and not one complaint. (And yes, I tried some tequila! And not just in the margaritas that the hubs and I had with dinner.)



One of the really great things we discovered in Washington, and Santiago’s was no exception, is that they provide really excellent service. Not only were servers attentive(but did not hover) and followed through with our requests, they even checked in with the kids’ mom when they ordered more soda. I have never seen this happen in California.

Live music (photo cred: Santiago's FB page)

Live music (photo cred: Santiago’s FB page)

Another great aspect of Santiago’s is that they have live music. We really enjoyed the band playing but it was not too loud, so you could still enjoy conversation. I saw on their Facebook page that they post the bands who will be playing there. Seems like a great way to plan out a trip to Yakima (which if you are not going for a baseball tournament is a great place for wineries too).

Have you been to Yakima? What was your favorite dining spot there?


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