Food Friday: Beach Break

After a few week’s off, the blog is back! I have been traveling the last couple weeks and couldn’t find the time to write a post, but Food Friday is a perfect post to come back. This is especially true because I plan on focusing the next couple weeks on some of my favorite restaurants from my travels 🙂 The last week of June I was in So Cal visiting my parents, so my first restaurant choice comes from there. It’s one of my all time favorite breakfast spots and I’m guessing most readers from So Cal already know about it because it’s ALWAYS packed!

All images courtesy the Beach Break website

All images courtesy the Beach Break website

Beach Break (located on the 101 in Oceanside and a smaller restaurant with a limited menu is also at the Oceanside Harbor) is a breakfast and lunch spot that’s been in North San Diego County for years (since 1988). It always has the regular breakfast fare (eggs, omelets, scrambles, pancakes, French toast, etc.) and lunch goodies (burgers, sandwiches, fish tacos) but they always also have fun specials everyday and usually have eggs benedict on the weekends. I tend to go simple with eggs over easy, squaw bread toast, and their super yummy hashbrowns with some coffee. They have regular and vanilla coffee and when in season, fresh squeezed tangerine juice. But I always save room to share their coffee cake with someone (or eat my dad’s coffee cake like I did last time I was there!). They poke holes through the top of the cake so the frosting goes all the way through and makes it so moist and delicious (and surely bad for you!).

One of their French Toast specials

One of their French Toast specials

Coffee cake!

Coffee cake! YUM!

Part of the charm of Beach Break is their beachy vibe. A couple years back they moved from a small space to a much larger one. All of the Beach Break regulars and fans were worried that the previous hole-in-the-wall breakfast stop would lose some of its character in the move (I was definitely one of these worriers). But the owners know that this was an important part of the restaurant and made all efforts to keep all the character, complete with vintage photos, surfboards, and skateboards.

5a2e2e0dce4b287abdf20ae3b43f0e26The final reason to recommend Beach Break is that they have AMAZING service. I am always shocked how quickly they are at your table after being seated to make sure you have what you need. Usually I’m pretty taken care of by the time I sit down because like many breakfast places, they keep coffee available for customers waiting for a table. Once you have ordered, the food comes out quick. They get your bill quickly too, but continue to refill drinks and check in on you until your ready to go.

Have you eaten at Beach Break? What’s your favorite dish?



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