Revisiting the Run in the Name of Love 5k

A little over a week ago, I was thinking about what a fun time I had at the Run in the Name Love 5k when I ran it with Elise in 2012. I realized it was happening again this year on June 15 and when I emailed my running coach my recap of my week’s running, I asked him what he thought of me throwing it into my schedule. He said he thought I was in good shape (could possibly even PR) but I would have to finish up my week’s long run after the race (I was used to that … yep, this training cycle has now included 3 long runs that have had a race thrown in the middle of them). Awesome! I hit up my friend Hillary to see if she might want to come down and run the 5k too, she’s not been training for races but I thought it would be fun to go to Carmel together and I knew she’d be game to add 8 miles after the race (she’s crazy like that). Yep, she was in – so I hopped online and paid the measly $35 registration fee.

Sunday morning, Hillary and I headed down to Carmel. I picked up my bib (and long sleeve tech tee) while Hillary registered. We then hung out in the car for 15 minutes or so since it was a little chilly and we didn’t want to warm up too soon before the race. We also saw John H. (fellow SCE runner and running cartoonist). Then we ran 2 miles for a warm up, I ran a few strides, we hopped in the port-a-potties, and had about 2 minutes before the race started – perfect!

Long sleeve (and medal)

Long sleeve (and medal)

For the race, I turned off the auto lap (and since there were no mile markers, I don’t have true splits – just what Strava marked as my miles). My only real concern with this race was that I would take the first mile way too fast as it is a steady downhill (in 2012 I ran a 6:11 mile here and then lost all steam, slowing to an 8+ min/mile in the end). And yep, I was flying in the first mile. I saw lots of women (and men) pass me, but when I glanced at my watch I knew I shouldn’t go any faster. My first mile was 6:08! I knew I should stay around 6:45 for the rest of the race, but I didn’t look at my pace ever (a few times I glanced at my watch in the second half of the race but only looked at mileage).

After the first 1.5 mile, there is a little climb. It’s very small, maybe only 20-30 feet. But after cruising downhill it feels like more. I passed a few women up this little climb. There was one woman who had been glancing back at me trying to keep ahead. I told myself to hold back and pass her later but I ended up passing her on this speed bump. There was a handful of women directly ahead of me and I passed most of them except a speedy girl who looked about 12 or 13 (she rocked the race and ended up taking 3rd woman!). My second mile was a much more reasonable pace: 6:49. The rest of the course has some little rollers but I held on to my pace, slowing down just a few seconds: 6:55. My final tenth of a mile was at a 6:07 pace. As I came up the finish I knew I was finishing under 21 minutes(!) but wasn’t sure of my exact time because just like at Carlsbad I didn’t actually stop my watch right away.

photo 4

Close up of medal

I took my medal and food bag. While I didn’t think my results would be posted yet, I was surprised to find they were (nice work SVE Timing!). I saw my official time was 20:56 (a few second faster than I thought!), that I had finished 1st in my age group, and 4th woman overall. I had no idea that I was going to finish in the top 10 women let alone the top 5! This was also a 9 second PR, only 2 1/2 months after my last 5k PR. I was STOKED! I then met up with Hillary. We decided to start our 8 mile “cool down” by jogging back to the car and dropping off the goody bags/medals and getting a long sleeve.

Hillary & I on the podium (and a 2nd place runner who we didn't know - but congrats to her too!)

Hillary & I on the podium (and a 2nd place runner who we didn’t know – but congrats to her too!) Photo credit: John H.

We then ran part of the course back to make it back just as they were starting the awards. We also found out that Hillary placed 3rd in our age group and we both got the cool beer mugs as prizes. Because it was misty and cold, we took off right after our awards to continue our run before cooling down but later I learned that John H. also placed 3rd in his age group! Nice work Team SCE! We finished the run off by going back to the car to drop off the mugs and then running some of 17 mile drive and exploring part of a new trail. This meant we ended up running 794 feet in elevation after the race (thankfully we ran pretty slow!). We finished up our morning with some coffee and quiche at Carmel Coffee Roasters. Pretty sweet race morning.

This is definitely a race I recommend running if you live in the Central Coast. The race is a tribute race and co-organized by Big Sur. It is extremely well-organized. For $35, it included a closed course, a long sleeve tech tee, a timing chip, a medal, and a food bag with a bagel and cream cheese, cookie, and fruit cup (I’ve paid more for longer races and not received that). The tech tee was a bit large (but they acknowledged that and it sounds like it won’t be a problem in the future). Additionally, the timing is well done and its relatively small, capped at 1000 runners. They had plenty of port-a-potties and I never saw a line for them. They even had a potty around 2ish miles in the race – rare for a 5k! The event also includes a 2k walk/run, and participants of the 2k are invited to bring their pups (they even get a free dog bandana, how cute!). And the beer glass is a great prize, I used it later that day!

Cheers to a fun race prize!

Cheers to a fun race prize!

Do you run 5ks? What is your favorite one?





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