My Little Strawberry Plant

Yesterday, I ate the first strawberry from our little strawberry plant… and it was good! I know this might seem like no big deal for you green thumbs out there. But I kill all plants. Many a basil plant has come to our home with my best intentions and each one (except the current one) has died. (There was one exception where I kept a basil plant growing and healthy all summer, I made basil from it, and I even tried to bring it to So Cal with me because I was so afraid to leave it behind!). When we bought our house it was all set up with irrigation, so I haven’t really killed any plants (although we’re not the best at keeping them trimmed and weed free). The previous homeowner also left behind a strawberry pot, so a few months ago I decided to plant some strawberries. And it lived! And is making fruit! I even picked two more strawberries this morning. It’s the little things in life 🙂

And because I’m a dork and was amazed that my plant grew and actually produced fruit, I documented it! So for your viewing pleasure… the life of my little strawberry.

The plant, isn't it cute?

The plant, isn’t it cute?

The first noticeable berry! (and its progression below)

The first noticeable berry! (and its progression below)

photo 1

A little color!

A little color!

Surprise! Another berry was ready to pick first!

Surprise! Another berry was ready to pick first!

Two more strawberries. They're small but tasty!

Two more strawberries. They’re small but tasty!

Do you have a green thumb or would you also consider this a miracle? What’s your favorite fruit/veggie to grow? (What should I try next!?)


4 thoughts on “My Little Strawberry Plant

  1. I liked this blog – finally something I can say maybe came from me – the joy of gardening! Specifically strawberry gardening & probably the sweetest strawberry you ever ate!

  2. I have grown squash (when I hadn’t planned on it!) from seeds from compost! Kale is also pretty easy to grow here. I’ve grown tomatoes in movable pots since they need more sun than my stationary back yard garden could offer. All of these grew despite me and my bad gardening skills.
    Congrats on the strawberries! That’s super cool.

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