Food Friday: Discretion

I know … what, not Fit Friday?! Well, I felt like I needed to change it up a bit for at least a couple weeks. So my plan is to post on some of my favorite places to eat on the Central Coast. It took me at least 3 years to realize that there were restaurants that I loved in Santa Cruz… to the point that I miss some of them when I’m in So Cal visiting family. This might not sound very exciting to you but trust me, I dream of food from home and so to have the reverse is impressive. Plus I feel like I’m always telling people that yes, there are delicious places to eat & drink here…so why not share?

So I’ll start with a new/old fave (and if you have been following my instagram, it will be no surprise): Discretion Brewery. Even though it is a bit hidden off of 41st Ave., it’s always busy. When it opened a year ago it served food from Main St. Garden Cafe. I was a big fan of their fish bites and I know many were huge fans of the chili and cornbread. I’m not sure what happened, but that ended sometime earlier this year. For a while, they had guest food show up. The hubs and I liked when the Truck Stop showed up (miss my Sunday morning breakfasts from there when we were close to the Sunday Farmer’s Market). Anyway, then it was announced that the chef from Soif (another fave eatery in Santa Cruz … look you’re already getting so much good food info!) would be coming to Discretion! What! Awesome-sauce!

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.09.47 AM

On Wednesday, after our group run for National Running Day, SCE team members headed over for a beer at Discretion. And we were surprised to find that the new food was debuting at Discretion! Of course, we had to try. I had the Caesar salad (great fresh cheese and lettuce, deliciously seasoned croutons, and not-to-heavy dressing – so good!), but others tried the mussels, the peach and cherry salad, and the chicken and waffles.

Caesar Salad with a pint of Song of Your Heart, yum!

Caesar Salad with a pint of Song of Your Heart, yum!

I love when a brewery opens a restaurant. This one is great because while there is a good selection, the menu is small. I always feel like a smaller menu equals better quality food. And based on the experience we had on Wednesday this was definitely true! It also looks like this will be a changing menu, as the menu has a date with it too… I like that too! Check out what they offer HERE.

And because I haven’t stated yet, yes the beer is really good! My favorite is the Song in Your Heart Brown Ale. We recently also tried the 4th Conversation, a Belgium Blonde. Very tasty.

Have you been to Discretion yet? What’s your favorite thing about it?



2 thoughts on “Food Friday: Discretion

    • Oh there are all sorts of delicious places to eat on the East Side… let me know if you need more suggestions but I’ll be posting more in the coming weeks 🙂

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