Fit Friday: Recovering

The blog has been quiet but I’ve been busy! Marathon training is starting up again as we are less than 3 months out from the San Francisco Marathon (still thinking about signing up? Do so quickly, it’s almost sold out!). I also spent a weekend training to be a Barre instructor (more to come on that in a future post), my teaching semester is almost over, and this weekend I’ll be at the Run Surfer’s Path Marathon (come say hi at the tweet up, hosted by Alisyn and I: Saturday 12:30pm, Capitola Bandstand Stage).

See you Saturday!

See you Saturday!

So with all that activity, I’ve been needing to up my recovery game. Of course, I’ve been loving the Recovery Pump boots (and sharing that love with Elise, who has been visiting!). On Tuesday, I got a much needed massage, focusing on my super tight hamstring and IT band. My running team, Santa Cruz Endurance, has partnered with Santa Cruz Core. I have been there before but this was the first time I went for a massage. My massage therapist asked me if I stretch enough and in true runner fashion, I said nope!



Luckily, the massage therapist went over some good stretches and foam rolling techniques with me. Now I just got to do them! So hard to remember to break out that foam roller! The other awesome thing is that Santa Cruz Core has Sunday Community Massage specials, where community members can get a great deal on a massage. Perfect if in between those killer deep tissue massages!

If you are in the Santa Cruz area and want to save $10 to try Santa Cruz Core, email me at laughresearchwriterun[at]

What do you do to recover?


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