Fit Friday: Inspirations

Sometimes keeping active is hard, right? And keeping motivated to keep active is hard too. Today, as I lounge with a cup of coffee waiting for a run date with a friend, I was thinking about what I wanted to post for Fit Friday. I was scrolling through my FB and seeing posts still about Boston (both about the success of Marathon Monday and of course the bib bandits forever now known as the the 14285 Four) and my friends’ accomplishments, I thought wow there is so much to be inspired by. So there you have it, the focus of today’s post! Why not share a few of my favorite inspirations of the week.

Boston Stuff
Of course I have to include Boston in this post. Two of my close running gal pals raced and rocked a hard day on Monday. I am always inspired by the hard work, dedication, and talent of Leslie and Jenn. You two rock and will always be inspirations to me. And of course Meb winning the race was the best. The first American to win in 30+ years (and his hometown is San Diego? even better!). What a great day!

photo cred: Denver Post

photo cred: Denver Post

Running all the Days
My friend Chris has been on a running streak. Yesterday he hit 500 days! That’s right. Five. Hundred. Days. of running! Rock star! (And along the way he has picked up numerous PRs and a sweet BQ).

Phot cred: Chris

Phot cred: Chris

Doing Good Deeds
On April 12, my friend Trinity, hosted her first race: Spring it On 5k (I still need to post my volunteer recap for that one). All the proceeds went to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She pulled together an awesome event with the race, a kid’s run, a bounce house, Easter egg hunt, pancake breakfast, and awesome raffle. Not one participant had a negative word – it was an awesome day. Just shows how someone can rally their community for a good cause and keep their love of running at the heart of it all. Want to help her cause? You can donate HERE.

Trinity LLS

So what inspires you and keeps you active???



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