Fit Friday: Boston on the Brain

A little bit of late post today  – but better later than never 😉

Today I meant to join my running wives for 5 @ 5 (five miles at 5am). But after going to bed after 11pm and hearing my alarm at 4:30am, I opted to sleep in. That meant my 5 @ 5 turned into 5 @ 10. Just fine for a Friday easy run if you ask me. About a mile into my run, I realized I had on yellow and blue today (I mean for reals: yellow long sleeve, yellow socks, blue shorts, blue sports bra, and even blue and yellow-ish shoes). Granted I love yellow but still this was a bit much. Then I remembered Marathon Monday is just days away and I must have Boston the brain. (So excited for my Boston runners: Leslie, Jenn, Chris, Charlie, Nicole, and I’m sure a couple more – go get that finish line – you have worked hard and deserve it!!!)

Look how I accidentally dressed today!

Look how I accidentally dressed today!

Boston always means something special for runners. Regardless if we’ll ever qualify for the unicorn’s race, its history and its status makes it something equivalent to a national holiday for us runners. But of course after what happened last year, Boston means so much more. We reminded ourselves and showed the world that runners (and the loyal, cheering spectators) are an amazing community. So even though I won’t be running down Boylston St. on Monday, I’ll be cheering from my home. One day I’ll be there but this year especially I’ll be there with my heart.

I’d say good luck Boston runners, but I don’t you don’t need it! Trust in all those training miles & have the time of your life!


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