Everyone Explores Cemeteries on Their Recovery Runs, Right?

Today was one of those days I was really bummed I didn’t bring my phone with me on my run.

After a speedy race yesterday (recap coming soon), I initially planned to take today as a rest day. But as I was driving to work and my legs ached, I remembered how every time I take a rest day after a hard run, my legs are more sore and tired. So I texted my running gal Hillary (who conveniently lives up the street) to see if she wanted to run an easy 4-5 miler this afternoon. Yep, she did. And she wanted to know if I wanted to run the hilly loop through part of Pogonip (about 900 feet of climbing in 5 miles). Yep I did.

I think sometimes running trails and hills are a great way to recover (I also did this after my Wharf to Wharf PR last year). You’re forced to run super slow (which is good) but you’re still building endurance and strength. Win win. We climbed up the trail and were treated to a great view of all of Santa Cruz, out to the Boardwalk. It was such a clear afternoon (this is when I wanted my phone super bad for photo ops – one day I’ll remember). We saw some deer chilling in the meadow and made our way back down the path.

This loops passes by an old cemetery in Santa Cruz that I’ve always wanted to explore. I mentioned it to Hillary and crazy lady that she is, she was in. I love looking at old cemeteries where they tell stories about the people buried there (name, wife/son of …, years, months, and even days old). A long time ago when Kevin and I went to New York City, we spent some of our trip looking at crazy old cemeteries. It was kind of awesome (and at the time more important, it was cheap). One of my favorite vacations ever.

Anyway, this one is the Evergreen Cemetery, it dates back to 1850. I’ll have to pick to chat with my friend who does local history to learn some more. But it has some old graves as well as Chinese memorial were the graves of past Chinese immigrants and the inhabitants of the city’s old Chinatowns are buried. Like I said, no camera but I found these photos on the google machine.


Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 7.35.49 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 7.35.57 PM

Beautiful right?

Do you explore old cemeteries? Do you run after hard workouts?


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