Fit Friday: More Climbing, More Trails

It’s not been that long since I last checked in with my running goals but I’m pretty proud of hitting my goals these last couple months (and knowing that I’ll be posting about it here as been keeping me motivated), so let’s keep up with that trend.

So a reminder: at the beginning of this year I made it my goal to focus on adding more hills and trails to my running. And I’ve been doing well with adding the hill climbs. This week has had some minor climbs but last week every path I chose for my run included climbs (with the exception of a couple Ragnar legs, out of my control). This meant I climbed 3,628 feet last week! Woohoo! That’s the most I’ve ever climbed in one week. (Not including today, because I haven’t uploaded my run yet, that means I’m up to 23,484 feet of climbing this year).

My "recovery" run after the Carlsbad 5000

My “recovery” run after the Carlsbad 5000

I’m still focusing on trails although I haven’t been nearly as good with that goal. After my last check-in post I ran a nice little 8 mile trail loop at Wilder (a state park on the northern edge of Santa Cruz), an easy 4 miler on the fire road at Nisene Marks (another park in Aptos) and today I did a 5 mile run again in Nisene. However, as I move toward SF Marathon training, I plan on including a lot of more of these hilly, trail routes.  (Are you running SFM this year? Use DSC10TSFM2014A59) at registration to save $10). So hopefully my next check-in will include a lot more trail fun!

Do you have running goals? How do you keep motivated to achieve them?


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