Fit Friday: Ragnar is Finally Here!

So as I posted several times already, but this year I’m running my first Ragnar Relay. And I’m stoked to be running it with some amazing people (twitter handles in our running order: @keithschlottman, @Kpez019, @jordanpwight, @runwithwes, @erinamg, @chrismalenab, @UltraMilesMatt, @paulettezf, @arielmk, me: @megatha, @tucsonstrider, and @alisyng). As you’re reading this, I’m heading up to Huntington Beach to meet up with them all and decorate the vans. Can’t wait!

Days away from Ragnar!

It’s Ragnar Weekend!

We are super lucky to have amazing sponsors supporting us on our journey of 195ish miles to San Diego. And I have to thank them and sing their praises:

Nuun: Our main sponsor, hence the name afternuunrun. If you haven’t tried their water tablets yet, you should! They are my favorite electrolyte and come in lots of tasty flavors. They add a little carbonation, but not too much, and have a light refreshing flavor. I always travel with several tubes and my favorite nuun water bottle.

The SF Marathon: Yep, my favorite marathon is sponsoring our team! So cool, right? I love how much they support their ambassadors and are helping us out. And if you some crazy person and haven’t yet registered for the SF Marathon (or one of the half marathons or 5k), you can do so using our Ragnar discount code: DSC10RAGNAR14

Skechers Performance: Skechers supplied our team with our running shoes. We got them about a month back and I’ve been running in them a lot. I love these shoes. Seriously, I didn’t know what I would I think but they have made into my regular rotation of shoes and I know they will be a go to for a while. They are comfy and lightweight. I have been running in the GoRun3.

gametiime: I’ve just recently started using this site and think it’s great. In the West and Northeast you can find out about upcoming races on one easy to use site. It’s so much easier than anything else out there or just googling.

Fitsok: We all need good running socks, right? Enough said 🙂

Zensah: A little compression to help us survive all this running in 36ish hours.

Thanks so much to each of these sponsors for sending us goodies and supporting our team.

So much stuff!

So much stuff!

So as I get ready to run my first relay, other than having fun, what advice to you have for me?? What’s your favorite part about a relay race?


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