The Carlsbad 5000 – World’s Fastest 5k

*warning: long recap… I guess I needed to make up for my lack of posts lately*

Those of you who keep up with my blog know that I am running the Ragnar So Cal on Friday April 4. After I confirmed that this worked in my schedule and joined the team, I learned that was the same week as my spring break and I would be lucky enough to spend the whole week in So Cal visiting my parents and seeing a couple close, old friends. So then I decided to look and see if my favorite 5k (this was also my first race ever) might fit into my schedule and lucky me, the Carlsbad 5000 was scheduled for Sunday, March 30. So yep, I had to sign up.

Days away from Ragnar!

Days away from Ragnar!

I originally planned on running this just for fun. It’s a fast course (I mean it’s not called the World’s Fastest 5k for nothing, the men’s and women’s world records were made there), but I hadn’t considered training for a 5k. The beginning of 2014 I was still reeling from some slower races and didn’t have speed goals in mind (see my posts about running goals here, here, and here). But then I had a great couple of races and PR’ed at the Super Bowl 10k. So I emailed my coach and asked him what he thought about training for the race and trying to PR (granted I gave him 5 weeks…). He said this was a short time and it would be hard training but it was possible. So I decided, why not? I didn’t tell anyone that my goal was a PR at this race and only let a few people know that I was throwing in some speed work for this race. I didn’t want to race for anyone else, I wanted my goals to be my goals alone. And I think this worked out well.

March training schedule

March training schedule

Five weeks later and I was ready to race. My mom and I did a quick trip to the expo on Saturday. It was way less crowded then 2012. And I was stoked to see Graced by Grit there! The hubs, my parents, and the coach all told me not to stress about this race and to keep as relaxed as possible. (All my best races have been ones I have not thought of as “A” races and so I’m usually pretty chill about them.) I told myself my only goal was to beat my most recent Carlsbad 5k time (2012: 23:35). Of course, my real goal was a PR and ideally a sub 21. But by focusing on my 2012 time, I took the stress off myself.  I woke up about 30 minutes before we were leaving and tried to keep calm. My stomach had other plans. Boo.

Fleet Feet Racing Kit ready to go (plus my awesome sports bra from Graced by Grit)

Fleet Feet Racing Kit ready to go (plus my awesome sports bra from Graced by Grit)

We got to Carlsbad and I did an easy warm up with a little bit of speed. Nothing fancy. After tracking down the port a potties, I left my long sleeve and sweats with my parents and headed to the start. Right before the race started, I saw Haute Running Mama (HRM). It was great chatting with her a few minutes for the race and this also kept me from freaking out. She was doing the all-day run (Carlsbad 5k has 6 waves: Men’s Masters, Women’s Masters, Men & Women 30-39, Men & Women 29 & Under, Women’s Elite, & Men’s Elite and they have an event that allows runners to run in all waves except the elites) and used this as part of her last long run before Boston (so exciting!). Before I knew it, it was go time!

My first mile felt good. Of course I started too fast, but it’s hard when you are surrounded by so many fasties. I saw my pace in the high 5 minute range and pulled way back – I was looking for 6:45-6:50 for that first mile (actual 6:44). After the turn around, there is a slight climb and we were running into the headwind. I tried to keep my pace right on but slowed down a hair (6:48). The last half mile or so is a nice little decline and now I also had a tailwind. Throughout the race my mouth was dry and my stomach didn’t feel great. I kept telling myself it’s supposed to hurt so just go.

carlsbad 5000

Rounding the corner about to finish.

Just about half a mile from the finish, HRM saw me across the way and yelled for me to keep going. This totally helped and I picked it up. I passed a few women (had Jenn in mind here saying “you can catch her!”) and came into the finish (6:42 pace, not sure of actual time as I messed up my watch at the end). As I came down toward the finish I saw the clock said 20:5X and I thought maybe if I really push it I can pull into under 21 (not knowing exactly how far off from the gun start I was – it ended up being a 5 second difference). After I crossed the finish like, I hit lap but not stop on my watch and didn’t realize it right away. Once I stopped it, I had a time of 21:17, which was definitely a PR but I wasn’t sure what my real finish time was. I later found out it was 21:05 (in the top 250 for the unique medal, 27th in my age group of 266, and 53rd woman of our wave of 755 – pretty good!).

Post race

Post race

After my race and a little cool down run, my parents and I hung around to see the elites race. This was really fun and they are so FAST! We also got to see the Men’s American 5k record broken! Bernard Lagat ran a 13:18 race, breaking the whole record of 13:24 (from 1996!). Then a little brunch and mimosas at Swami’s to finish up the morning.

Women's Elite

Women’s Elite

Men's Elite

Men’s Elite



It was really great to run this race and have my parents there. They have been to several of my races but never one where I felt I did my best, so I was happy to share that with them. I felt like I raced strong and smart. And I know that I can definitely train for a sub-21 😀

Pretty sweet medal and shirt this year :)

Pretty sweet medal and shirt this year 🙂

Anyone else run the Carlsbad 5000? Any new PRs?


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