Skechers – First Runs

As you might recall, I am running my first Ragnar Relay this April in So Cal. I’m pretty excited for it and this week, I got even more excited when my new pair of Skechers Go Ride 3s arrived in the mail last weekend.

Fresh out of the box!

Fresh out of the box!

Last week I had my first two runs in them (an easy five + on Monday and some speed work on Thursday, followed by Body Pump). I am happy to report that I am really pleased with these shoes.

When I first took them out of the box, they felt very light (this is saying something since I run mostly in Pure Connects, a shoe that weighs about 6oz and race in Mizuno Ronins, which weigh a little less and sadly have been retired). I liked that the Skechers came with some extra insoles to provide a little more stability. Both of my runs have included the insoles as I get used to the shoes.

Monday’s run included some hill climbing on a more-muddy-than-expected path. Typically when I run in mud, I run in my trail shoes (New Balance Minimus 10) because they grip better than most of my shoes and I’m terrified of falling on a trail (even though all of my running falls have happened on pavement). Anyway, the Skechers held up well on the trail portion of the run. There was a few slippery steps but that could not be avoided regardless of my shoes.

Thursday’s run was a little modified due to some change of plans. I had originally planned to run 9-10 miles and track the day before. But with the change, I ran a little longer on Wednesday and just added some warm up miles to Thursday’s track to end up with about eight and a half miles. I figured this would be a good run for the new shoes since part of it was on the track if I felt that 8 miles was too long on them. But not to worry, they felt great the entire run! I love that they feel like they still have some arch support even with such light weight. I loved them so much that I didn’t want to take them off when I headed to Body Pump after the track.

Skechers at the gym

Skechers at the gym

Now I’m trying to keep the shoes nice and pretty for Ragnar, but it will be hard to not lace up these shoes when I head out for my runs everyday. I have also seen the other relay members’ posting photos of their new Skechers shoes and I have to say there are some pretty sweet colors out there. I am particular interested in the cool glow in the dark ones Erin received – how awesome would these be for early 5am runs?!? Basically, I have a new favorite pair of shoes in the rotation and it’s pretty awesome.


Don’t forget to also register for SFM using discount code DSC10RAGNAR2014!

*Note: Skechers provided me with these shoes but all opinions are my own.*


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