A Little Tahoe Escape

If you follow me on Twitter (@megatha), you know I did something crazy this weekend: I didn’t run. Not one step. I think the last time I had a run free weekend was following a marathon (after LA try to take about a week off of running to recover post marathon). Don’t fret, I still got in all my miles (I ran 40 miles in 5 days so I could enjoy the weekend). Why did I shove all my runs together and not run this weekend you ask? Well, for a fun mini-vacay in Tahoe of course!

The hubs and I drove up to Tahoe late-ish on Friday night (we both had work and didn’t leave until around 6pm). After piling in our bags and pups (who I believe had more things coming with them for the weekend than we did), we enjoyed a romantic dinner from In N Out on the way (seriously, this was what I wanted to eat more than anything and the strawberry shake kept me happy through the crummy traffic – not like I could complain, I didn’t drive…).

Saturday morning temps

Saturday morning temps

Our weekend was quick, but it was fun. We laid around our condo on the lake, I read pretty much all of this month’s book club choice (Let’s Pretend it Never Happened by The Bloggess is my new favorite book – I hope our discussion of it goes something like this: Wasn’t this funniest read ever? Yes! Let’s just read our favorite passages and drink wine! Yes!). We played some slots at Harrah’s on the Nevada side (another important piece of information: I find slot machines entertaining, I find slot machines with a Wizard of Oz motif way more entertaining). And we ate delicious Italian food on Saturday night at Scusa. I even came home with a fun bear mug from the place we had breakfast on Sunday.And while it wasn’t as cold as the last time we went to Tahoe, it did lightly snow late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.

Manhattan in the casino

Manhattan in the casino

Newest addition to the mug collection.

Newest addition to the mug collection.

And now it’s Monday, President’s Day. No work! Ok let’s be real – I don’t have to teach but I have a huge stack of papers to grade. And some mile repeats to run later today.

Did you take a mini-vacay over this long weekend? Do you ever take a weekend vacay from running?


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