Fit Friday: Who Do You Run For?

I’ve been thinking all week about who I run for to post to the San Francisco Marathon facebook page. I couldn’t think of anyone specifically, but then I realized that I run for me and by doing that I run for the family and friends in my life.

Saying that I run for me seems a little selfish when I see others post about family members and loved ones they run for, those who run with them and those who cannot run for themselves. But when I lace up my shoes, I run for my health and my goals. Sure, I almost always run with someone else (which I love) and I’m always happy when running goals and plans align, but I do not run for them. I run to feel like I’m reaching goals and to feel healthy and strong.

From the SFM facebook page

From the SFM facebook page

However, running for myself positively impacts those around me. Sure, I may sacrifice some time with those people (except those who run with me) but if I’m running (and particularly when I’m running well) I am in a better mood. I am able to be there for the people I love. During my runs I get out the negativity and frustration and I think after my runs I am a more pleasant person. So really I might be running for me, but I like to hope it benefits those around me too.

Who do you run for?

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2 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Who Do You Run For?

  1. I, too, run for me. If I can go out and release some stress from my life in a positive way, and get fit with my runs, then I am doing it for myself. But, indirectly, I am running for my family by being healthier and not having to be a burden on their lives. I always envision myself being an active father when my kids grow up and I think staying healthy now will pay dividends in the future.

    Oh by the way, I nominated your blog and all the West Coast Running Bloggers for a Liebster Award!! Check out my post on

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