Super Bowl 10k – Way Better than Actual Super Bowl

Well, I guess I jinxed myself with my Fit Friday post on running in the rain. Because oh, yeah, I ran in the rain on Sunday. The cold, windy, rain. (This also explains why I have no race photos… my fingers were numb, no photos taken!)

For the fifth year in a row, I ran in the local Santa Cruz Track Club Super Bowl 10k. I really like this race. It’s super low key (they don’t even close the roads down or recreation path, which can be a pain, but no problem when no body wants to head out in the cold), it’s a course I know really well, and it’s a fun way to burn some calories before eating a whole lot of food during the game! While I went into this race with few expectations (it was my third race weekend in a row, I had some hard workouts during the week, I hadn’t trained for it), I had a goal. I wanted to PR. My last 10k PR is from this event last year (45:28, a 7:19 pace). So this year, I aimed to run a 44:59 (yes I wanted to just eek into that sub 45 result). And my plan was to try to just run a 7:15 pace. (Truth be told, when I signed up for the race this was not my goal, but after strong runs at the Tinker Bell Half and Jenny’s Light 5k I decided to aim for a PR.) I didn’t know if I could do it, but I thought I was in good enough shape to try. I enlisted the help of Jenn who was running but not racing Sunday.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 7.56.47 AM

I woke up to cold, rain. Look I know the rest of the county is cold, but 40* rain with wind is not fun to run in no matter where you live. Jenn and I did a quick 2 mile warm up, followed by some strides, and said hi to friends who were also racing. It was impressive how many of my running friends made it out in this crummy weather.



The race went pretty close to what I wanted. I started out conservative. I told Jenn I wanted to stay closer to 7:20 for my first mile(s) and if I felt good, pick up the pace in the second half. I averaged around a 7:15 pace for the first 3 miles (7:18, 7:16, 7:13). There was a pretty strong headwind that helped me from running too fast. Poor Jenn tried to shield me from it, but it was pretty impossible to do.

After we turned around the wind was still strong (mile 4 – 7:20). Jenn asked me if I wanted to pick it up. A little part of me thought “no way!” but instead I said I did (this is the benefit of having a pacer.) I tried to tell myself, if I could run 7:05 in the final mile of the Tinker Bell half I could pick up my pace here. We picked it up for a sub-7 mile (6:57). Up until mile 5, Jenn had been calling out my splits. As we came up to that mile, a woman was catching up to me. Jenn let me know but when came up to the 5th mile marker I told Jenn I didn’t want to know (about either the woman behind me or my mile time). I’m glad she didn’t tell me, hearing a sub-7 mile would have freaked me out. I finished the final 1.2 in 8:27 (7:02 average pace).

As I came up to the finish, Aaron and Julian (teammates on SCE) and Michelle (coach of the Fleet Feet team) cheered us on. It really helped me to finish strong. I could see the clock. I knew the first two numbers were 44 but I could not read the final two and was worried that it was going to flip to 45. But I finished at 44:32 (a 7:10 pace!): good enough for 1st in my age group, 4th or 5th woman overall, and nearly a minute PR!

PR & 1st place AG medal

PR & 1st place AG medal

The race went as I hoped – I stayed within the parameters I wanted and finished with negative splits. I was definitely tired at the end but pushed through (this is something I definitely need to work on more). Jenn did a great job of acting as my stop watch, giving me some motivation, but ultimately letting me run my race (thanks Jenn!).

After the race, the hubs and I hosted a Super Bowl party. Twenty or so friends came. And while the game was boring, we had lots of good food, good drink, and good conversation. A pretty awesome day in the end.

Ingredients for the Blue Moon cupcakes for Super Bowl party

Ingredients for the Blue Moon cupcakes for Super Bowl party

Did you race on Super Bowl Sunday? How did it go?


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