Fit Friday: Running in the Rain

As the rest of the country faces severe cold and snow, California has largely been experiencing summer-like conditions in January. While this is nice in theory, it has contributed to already low water supply – pushing us into a drought. Yesterday, we finally got a little rain (and hopefully we’ll have some more this weekend). While yesterday was a rest day and most of the rain was finished by 10am, it got me thinking about running in the rain.

Finishing 2012 CIM in the rain.

Finishing 2012 CIM in the rain.

When I first started running, rainy days were my automatic rest or treadmill days. This was especially true while I lived in Southern California with our ridiculous number of rain free days. However, the first year I lived in Santa Cruz we had a ton of rain and I learned to suck it up and get out in the rain.

Guess what! Not so bad. It’s usually hard to convince myself to get out the door but I never regret it once I do. It’s an automatic way to ensure I don’t overheat and its fun to splash around in the puddles. There’s something about being in the rain and getting soaked that reminds me of being a kid, carefree as I dash along my way.


There are a few things to keep in mind, however, when running in the rain. Be careful of slippery roads, realize that cars have less visibility so be bright, pack on the Body Glide (you will likely blister or chafe more if you are running long distance in the rain), and don’t use the rain as an excuse to not hydrate.

I’m hoping we’ll see more rain soon and inevitably that means more rain runs too!

Do you like running in the rain? Why or why not?


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