Top Ten Reasons to Run the San Francisco Marathon in 2014!


Those of you who follow my twitter or facebook page, know that for the past 10 days (ok really 12 days), I have been posting my top 10 reasons that I love the San Francisco Marathon. So for those of you who have missed some or all of these reasons, here they are in all their glory:

10. This race has AMAZING swag and awesome expos. I mean I wrote a whole blog about how much fun I had the expo last year (read it HERE).
9. If you run the 2nd Half Marathon, don’t worry about being cold when you start the race in Golden Gate park. The race provides heaters! It’s one of the most genius race ideas ever in my opinion.
8. The course is not easy, there is a reason the event’s motto is “Worth the Hurt.” You will run a LOT of hills – but then you get serious bragging rights!
7. We all missed him last year, but this year the one-and-only Bart Yasso is back at home with SFM! We are so thrilled!!
6. When you run the Haight, you not only get a nice downhill stretch you also will be entertained by some seriously funny signs. The neighborhood is world famous for its eternal ’60s vibe, but you never knew what great cheerleaders they are for racers too!
5. One of my favorite things about Golden Gate Park is the bison who live there. And you get to say hello as you make your way through the 2nd half or full marathon.
4. Sure this race is in July, but you will be in San Francisco, so while other summer races will be in the sweltering heat – you will be nice and cool for the entire run!
3. There are 5 races to choose from when you decide to run in SF this July: Charity Worth the Hurt Ultra 52.4, the full marathon, two half marathons (first or second half of the course) and a 5k.
2. If you run the first half or the full, you get to run across the roadbed of the Golden Gate Bridge. SFM was the first event to give runners this privilege and it is reason enough to sign up for the race.
1. This race is in San Francisco. Need I say more? Yes? Ok, I know there are lots of races in SF (and I’ve run most of them) but no other organization puts on as well-organized, fun-filled, exciting, race as SFM – and well, they definitely have the best course!


If you are still unsure about running SFM, check out my previous race recaps from the event:

2012 – Second Half Marathon
2013 – First Half Marathon

Still not sure? Here’s another fact, the SFM has lots of challenges to motivate you to run: the 52 Club, Half it All Challenge, SF/Berkeley Challenge, and the brand new California Dreamin’ Racing Cup. Ran the event before? Don’t worry SFM has loyal runner benefits too!

Now I know there is no way that you can resist running SFM this year!

So for my favorite blog readers, here is a $10 discount code: DSC10TSFM2014A59
Use this code at the registration page for any of the races (5k, either half marathon, or full marathon).

Can’t wait to see you on July 27 when I’ll be running the full marathon and completing the 52 Club.



One thought on “Top Ten Reasons to Run the San Francisco Marathon in 2014!

  1. I’m signed up for the 1st half! It’ll be my second half marathon. I hope to do the 2nd half next year and then the full the following year. I was already excited and you’re making me even more excited! I’m off to check out your post on the expo.

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