Fit Friday: Fleet Feet Racing

Good morning Fit Friday followers!

Today is another Fit Friday announcement. Yesterday, I found out that I will be joining our local Fleet Feet Racing Team.


I am pretty excited to join their team. I already know some of their runners on their team, some who I have run with before and some who I have not run with before. I am also very excited because they are coached by one of the coolest runner chicks out there (go Michelle, you rock!). I had worked with many members of the Fleet Feet Santa Cruz family back in the fall when I helped my friend Leslie coach their NWM training. But there are many runners in the group that I don’t know and I’m excited to make more running friends in my community!

Does this mean I am leaving my beloved Santa Cruz Endurance team? Heck no! That group holds a special place in my heart and helped me grow as a runner (not so long ago). So I will be representing both teams, alternating between events (and of course, also showing some SFM pride along the way! – did you forget you can save $10 registering for any of the SF Marathon events with the code DSC10TSFM2014A59??).  I like to think of my running groups more like that Girl Scouts song (awkwardly sung by Diane Keaton when she accepted the award for Woody Allen at the Golden Globes): “make new friends, but keep the old.”

SCE runners represent at the Capitola Half Relay, May 2013.

SCE runners represent at the Capitola Half Relay, May 2013.

I love being part of the running community (both on a local level through these groups and through social media). Finding people who share my love of running is inspiring and keeps me committed to my goals. It’s great to have a group to join for workouts – especially those tough ones on the track. And through these groups, I have made friends who will join me for long runs, exploring trails, tackling hills, and keep me from bailing on runs when I shouldn’t (and forgiving me when I do!).

Do you train with a running/workout group? If so, what do you love it about? If not, would you want to and what do you love about your solo runs?


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