Fit Friday: Continuing with Goals

Last week I wrote about my goals for running: trails and hills.

Well, so far so good. In the past week, I’ve included three hill workouts. I already wrote about my fun Saturday run and I took Sunday off after that. Monday I joined my friend for her hill repeats (3 x 4minutes up hill, 4 minute downhill recovery). I wasn’t very speedy on the uphill but I definitely pushed up those hills. Then the following day after sleeping through the 5am run, I dragged another friend up a steep hill in town. And this morning’s run had a short, but steep little hill too. So three (and a half-ish) workouts of the last five, I think that’s pretty good.

I have the Hot Chocolate 15k on Sunday. I haven’t been training to race so I’m planning on using this as a tempo run and getting in some half-marathon pace miles. The last 2.5 miles are uphill, so looky here I’m continuing the trend! And guess what, instant PR since I’ve never run a 15k before!

Elevation for Sunday's 15k

Elevation for Sunday’s 15k

Tomorrow, I’m heading out for some trail running, so that means in the past week and a half, I’ve had three trail or partial trail runs. Woohoo!

Will I be this good for the next few months (or ideally until I run the SF Marathon when I will need all those hill workouts)? I don’t know. My priorities might change, my focus on speed and PRs might return, I might actually want to write my dissertation (ha!). But for now, I’m pretty stoked to be keeping up with what my current goals are and really enjoying these runs.

How are your workouts going? Do you have new goals and objectives you are working on?


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