Mermaid 5k and Exciting News

Over the weekend, I ran the Mermaid 5k in San Francisco. I sort of considered racing and seeing what I could do, but it wasn’t the right race for that. The Mermaid races are great for runners trying out racing or having good support while you run. They give out great swag (cute shirt and necklaces) and winners can get some good stuff too (my friend ended up with some nice Sport Basement and Whole Foods gift cards).

Nice new shirt


Leslie and I got to the race about an hour before the start. We hung out in the car to stay warm and then jogged to the start for our warm up run. We found a SUPER long line at the porta potties so we jogged back to where we parked to use that bathroom. We still had a pretty decent wait and then jogged back to the start. By the time we got there, the race was just about to start and we couldn’t really seed ourselves. So the first half mile or so, I sprinted to get where I wanted to be in the race. Well that was dumb because then I burned myself out and couldn’t maintain a very good pace after that. (Also, in my hurry I didn’t start my watch so I have no idea what my splits were.) I finished at 22:20-ish and got a third age group placement (got a nice little hat for that). While not a race or even close to PR, it was a good little tempo run.

My 3rd place age group finish and Leslie's overall win.

My 3rd place age group finish and Leslie’s overall win.

After the race, Leslie completed a cool down run by heading to Starbucks and breakfast. Then we hung out for the awards because Leslie won the race! Then it was time to head back to Santa Cruz because I had a lot of packing to work on … which leads me to my good news…

As of this morning, the hubs and I are HOMEOWNERS! (This also explains why I have been more quiet on the blog, teaching, running, and home buying means not much time for blogging.) We are very excited to take this next step and love the neighborhood we are moving into – we even have friends who live across the street and up the block. I can’t wait until we are settled in and ready to go.

Sami is ready to move!

Sami is ready to move!


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