Fit Friday: Fun Runs

This weekend I am running the Nike Women’s (Half) Marathon for the fourth year in a row. I love running this event because there are lots of fun perks (including the sports bra exchange and the chocolate mile), it celebrates women running, and you get a Tiffany’s necklace as your medal. In fact I like to say I’m buying a Tiffany’s necklace and get a free race (it’s a pricey race). You can read my previous here, here, and here.

This year I am running it with a handful of my friends and we aren’t looking to PR or really race the event, we’re looking to have fun. We have matching shirts, are stopping at all the fun stops, might take photos if it’s a clear day, and we might even walk some of the hills (ok I’m not really planning to do that but it will be a fun race). It might seem silly to sign up for an event and not actually race it, but it can be a great opportunity to have a lot of fun and get a supported long run.

Leslie & I at NWM last year

Leslie & I at NWM last year

In fact, I have several races a year that I don’t “race.” I like to pick specific events as my “A Races” where I try to PR or reach another goal. Then I pick races that friends are doing, fit into my schedule, or are cheap to fill up my calendar. Sometimes I use these as practices, running a goal pace for some or all of the event, and other times I just like to have fun. Sunday’s race will be a little bit of both.

Do you ever “fun run” your races? Or are they all about speed? 😉


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