Fit Friday: Go with the Flow

So I’m traveling … again. It’s been a fun couple of months exploring different parts of our country via running. And while I’m looking forward to a rest in traveling after this weekend, running this morning was awesome. A friend of a friend took me exploring on foot through parts  of Boulder, a city I’ve never been to before. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Colorado was hit by massive rain storms last week and experienced some serious flooding. Thankfully I’m not near the worst of it but I did see some serious water and we did have to improvise some of our run due to flooded and blocked trails. I might have needed some assistance jumping sections that were completely washed out.

While I was really excited to run this morning, it was not the easiest morning run for me. Our flight had been delayed 3 times and we didn’t ended up landing in Denver until after midnight and it was nearly 2am when I finally made it to sleep. Three and a half hours (or so) my alarm woke me up and in my sleepy stupor I dropped and shattered my iPhone (been there, done that).

Muddy Shoes = Happy Shoes

Muddy Shoes = Happy Shoes

But once we got out on the road, everything that was making me grumpy or frustrated melted away. Even having to negotiate unfamiliar territory with road blocks and caution tape (yep we went right through those) with someone who had to also find his way a bit couldn’t ruin my run this morning. Some runs and work outs you just gotta go with the flow.

What do you do when workouts become hard to happen? Or when mother nature throws you down a new path?


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