Fit Friday: Favorite Gear

Sometimes my favorite part about being a runner is wearing my favorite running clothes and buying a new pair of running shoes (especially when I can save a little cash!). It’s the girly part of me, the shopper in my soul 🙂

So of course I love a little Lululemon in life. Although I often have to delete their emails to prevent me from coveting a new pair of Track Attack shorts or a Run Swiftly tee. But then again, they also designed this:

Uh, what? A runsie? No thanks, Lulu!

Uh, what? No thanks, Lulu!

I also love some of the gear over at Oiselle. And they just debuted an awesome looking new line at Fashion Week NY. Seriously, their roga shorts are AMAZING:

Sadly these are not my awesome legs

Sadly these are not my awesome legs

I’m also a HUGE fan of Brooks Pure Connect 2s. {Dear Brooks, Please, please don’t change too much in the 2014 model!! Love, your running friend}. I included a photo of newest pair in Monday’s post.

But I’m super excited for the launch of a new running clothes company, Graced by Grit, tomorrow! I’ve had the fortune of running in some of their tanks and capris before the launch and I LOVE them! My two tanks are great, loose and breezy. They are my go to tanks on super warm days! And finally, you will be able to wear them too! Tomorrow, Sept. 14 they are finally launching at the Hard Core Race Series in San Diego county.


So what does this have to do with Fit Friday? Well for me, and I’m sure some other ladies out there, sometimes just putting on my favorite running gear or buying some new gear is a motivator for me to get out there and get my workout done! Anyone else share that motivation??

What’s your favorite gear? What do you wish workout clothes designers would add/change to make it even better?


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