Fit Friday: Training While Traveling

It’s Friday! And as this post hits the blog, I will be on a plane en route to Maui (and hopefully already enjoying a mimosa!). So that means that I get to enjoy a nice summer escape but also find a way to keep up with my marathon training while on vacay.

It can be pretty tough to keep up your training when traveling. I have had many a trip where running just did not happen. But I have definitely gotten better over the years. Luckily, I’ve been to the same area of Maui before (read about that trip here). This means I already know about the paths and to get my runs in early (thankfully with the time difference, it’s pretty easy for me to get up early). But it also means that I plan to be active before even setting foot off the plane. Here are some of my tips for running while traveling.

Scenes from my Maui runs last summer

Scenes from my Maui runs last summer

1. Pack your goods! Bring your favorite running gear and shoes (I tend to put these on the carry-on because I don’t want to get to my destination and find out the airline lost my running gear!). If you like to have an ipod or water bottle, be sure to bring those too. Not having your usual gear can quickly become an excuse to not run. Also, know the climate. Don’t bring you fave long sleeve to Hawaii – you won’t use it! (Duh!)

2. Have a schedule. Know what types of runs you want to get done and put them on your calendar. Last summer I just wanted to keep active, so I scheduled in easy runs from 4-6 miles. This was perfect for our trip and kept me motivated. Once I found a good route or two, I was able to easily tick off those miles and complete my goal. This summer I’m in marathon training so I have more specific goals in mind, long runs, speed, etc. And with that in mind, consider tip #3.

3. Learn your location. Do you need a track for speed? A gym to get in strength training? Don’t wait until you have arrived to determine if these resources are available to you. You might find that they aren’t and if you plan ahead, you can figure out how to adjust your training. You may not have a track, but you can find a stretch of flat road with little traffic. Your hotel may not have a gym, but maybe your club has a local gym in town or you can use those water bottles as weights!

4. Sign up for a race! This is my  favorite. I love running races in different locations and whenever I travel, I always check to see if there is a race. I like to find shorter distances like a 5k or 10k but I’m always up for a half marathon. I ran a 5k last year in Hawaii and I always am finding races in So Cal when I visit my parents (I’m running a 4th of July race tomorrow!). This will definitely keep you motivated and you can bring home a super cool souvenir! Races may not always be available, but it’s awesome when they are!

5. Give yourself a break. Recognize your runs will be different. You might need to run by effort than by pace or shorten some of your runs. Make your schedule realistic. Don’t beat yourself up when your running is different in a new environment. You are still getting in a good workout and your body needs to adjust to a different climate. Or let something go. I’m going to be Up free while on vacation (I can’t take the Up swimming and I’m a little afraid I’ll forget, plus you gotta let go sometimes!).

So as we head into the dog days of summer and lots of traveling begins, will you be running? What are your tips for running while traveling?


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