Fit Friday: Hello Summer Heat

So it’s supposed to be 92* in Santa Cruz today. I realize many runners have been facing these high temps for over a month now, but I’m a coast girl and this is HOT! June and July tend to be cold and foggy in the Central Coast – making summer running and racing just lovely. But after a little rain early in the week, the temps are rising in the Cruz. This seems like a good time to remind ourselves about some good tips for running the heat.
Don’t worry, my list is short.

1) Run early in the morning or late in the evening.
I personally feel its a little cooler in the morning so I prefer that but trying to avoid the warmest part of the day is generally the best.

2) Hello visor!
Shading your face is always good and a visor is best with high temps, allows the heat to escape.

3) Sunscreen
This really should be a year round rule – not just for the hot days

4) Hydration
Drink WAY more than you normally do before and after your workouts. I’ve experienced dehydration before, it SUCKS! So avoid it all costs.

Here are some more tips for running in warm weather from Runner’s World has some great tips for what to wear, heat training, Coach Jenny’s tips, and  an olympian’s guide to heat running.

What do you when the temperature climbs?


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