SFM Ambassador Awesomeness!

My last post focused on my trip to San Francisco Sunday through Wednesday, this post focuses on my weekend in SF. I returned to Santa Cruz for about 46 hours before heading back to the city. While The San Francisco Marathon was not until Sunday, I wanted/needed to get back to SF for my SFM ambassador duties at the expo and festivities Friday night. Fellow SFM Ambassador and SCE runner (and amazing friend) Elise and I headed back to the city and the Concourse Center, where the SFM expo is held.


Before I get into all the awesome experiences from Friday and Saturday, I want to just write about being an ambassador. SFM is one of the few running events that has an ambassador program. The ambassadors come from all over the U.S. and share a love of running and of SFM. Some of us are super speedy, some have just started running, some qualify for Boston, some run just for fun. Over the past 8 months or so, we have gotten to know each other through our Facebook group page as well as meeting a handful of other ambassadors at other races and their corresponding expos. I had the chance to meet several other ambassadors over the past 6 months at the Big Sur Half Marathon, CIM, the Run ‘n’ Wag (put on by Alisyn, who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing before the Ambassador program), the LA Marathon, and the Big Sur Marathon, including Chris M., Luis, Paulette, Wesley, Peter, Albert, Lauren, Daniela,  and I’m sure many others. But this weekend I got to meet many of the other ambassadors… what an awesome group!! I can see why each one was chosen to represent SFM in their communities. I also had the privilege of being an ambassador with my running partner in crime and great friend, Elise. And hanging out with her this whole weekend was a great way to send her off to her adventures in Peru for the next 3 or so weeks!

Elise and I arrived at the expo and made our way to the Tech Center. Along with Chris M. we made up the Ambassa-ninjas. We tweeted and instagrammed #sfm2013. After our “shift” was over, we ate our way through the expo and picked up our race packets. Elise and I got some lunch and headed to her friend’s house, where we were lucky enough to stay through the weekend. That night, the SFM hosted the ambassadors to a delicious dinner from Osha Thai. Yum! Here I got to see most of the ambassadors together and chat with some who I hadn’t met yet.

Alisyn, Bruce, me, and Elise in the Tech Center

Alisyn, Bruce, me, and Elise in the Tech Center (Photo compliments of Alisyn)

Chris M. tweeting at the Expo

Chris M. tweeting at the Expo


Ambassadors Dinner

View from where Elise and I stayed!

View from where Elise and I stayed!

Saturday, Elise and I were up and early for a little pre-race shakeout run. After we headed over to the expo, stopping at Starbucks for breakfast. We worked at the Info Booth this time around. We answered LOTS of questions and the time flew by. Runners seemed so excited and eager to run the race. It was great to be able to help answer their questions and make them feel even more prepared for their race. Next up was heading to the Tech Center (after eating a little lunch) for the Tweet Up. I saw many of the ambassadors as well as former ambassador, Monikool and one of my favorite bloggers/tweeters, Pavement Runner!  I also picked up my sparkle skirt that some of (the most awesome) ambassadors rocked race day.

Hanging with @hmgiraffy and @reneighruns at the Expo - don't mind @courtpancakes photobombing us!

Hanging with @hmgiraffy and @reneighruns at the Expo – don’t mind @courtpancakes photobombing us! (Photo compliments of Alisyn)

Sparkle Runners!

Sparkle Runners! (Photo compliments of Alisyn)


Photobombing! (Photo compliments of Pavement Runner)

Hanging with Pavement Runner and Paulette's Kevin

Hanging with Pavement Runner and Paulette’s Kevin (Photo compliments of Pavement Runner)

Sneaking in a bite to eat!

Sneaking in a bite to eat! (Photo compliments of Elise)

After our expo duties, Elise, Daniela, and I headed to Whole Foods to pick up some dinner (sushi!). After battling SF traffic, Elise and I settled in for a lazy afternoon/evening and an early bedtime to accommodate our 3:45am wake up call.

Dinner! (photo compliments of Elise)

Dinner! (photo compliments of Elise)

Have you worked a race expo? What’s your favorite part about expos?


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