My San Francisco Week

This is the first post of three to recap what was an amazing week spent in my favorite city and place – San Francisco! It began with me joining the hubs on a work trip and ending with running one of the best races in the world (that’s not hyperbole), The San Francisco Marathon (well I ran the half but whatevs, still awesome!). Because so much happened this week I am writing one post for my time with the hubs, one post the SFM expo, and a final post on the race itself. Get ready for some awesomeness!

On June 9, Kevin and I headed up to the city because he was attending WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference – yeah he’s cool like that). Since hotel and his food was covered by his work and my classes had already taken their finals, we had decided I would come up for the first half of the conference (I had some commitments in the Cruz on Wednesday and Thursday).  We got into the city easy peasy (love when the traffic gods are working in our favor!) and met up with some of his co-workers for dinner at Tropisueno. I had eaten here years ago with Tawny and was stoked to return. I indulged in a tasty mango chile margarita.


Adventurous Margarita

On Monday, Kevin had to get SUPER early to be able to attend the Keynote. This is where they announce all the super cool new stuff (this year it included new OSX (Mavericks, love the name!), new iOS, and the Mac Pro). And I slept in. What a role reversal! Monday was a running rest day so I was hung out in the hotel room with our awesome view and watched the Keynote streaming live online. After lunch (a super yummy veggie burger from Super Duper Burgers), I indulged in some serious shopping: Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Lululemon, and lots of window shopping too. I had been saving up a little shopping money just for this and I didn’t do any crazy damage (half of what I purchased was on sale: score!).

View from our hotel room

View from our hotel room

Tuesday it was time to return to running. I had 800s on my schedule but I wasn’t near a track, so I decided to run around AT&T park. Running the loop around the park was almost perfect for one set of 800m followed by the 400m recovery. Unfortunately, the nice distance did not result in a good workout. All my 800s were about 10 seconds slower than I had wanted them to be – boo! Oh well. After my lackluster workout, I had brunch at The Grove (where they serve Santa Cruz Coffee, Verve!). I spent the afternoon at the California Historical Society and the Contemporary Jewish Museum. I ended all the fun with some ice cream in the park, yum!

Brunch at The Grove, yum!

Brunch at The Grove, yum!

Ice cream in the park

Ice cream in the park

Both nights Kevin and I met up for dinner with his co-worker Mike. Monday we had some casual food from Jasper’s Corner Tap and Tuesday we had Indian food from Amber. I love eating in SF! We were lucky too because everything was in walking distance. The night I left Kevin also enjoyed beer at 21st Amendment Brewery, sad I missed out on this one!

Wednesday morning I took a running tour of the bay. I started at the Ferry Building at the Embarcadero. I ran Pier 39 at the Fisherman’s Wharf. I love running it early in the morning. Seeing it empty is my favorite way to see the classic tourist attraction. I stopped to photograph a few sea lions and enjoy the view of Alcatraz. While Tuesday morning had been grey, Wednesday was perfectly clear. What a great day for a tourist run! Then I headed toward Fort Mason, stopping to grab some nice shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. I miscalculated the distance of the Wharf when I added on for my turn around, this meant that I finished my 8 miles before I made it back to the hotel. So I enjoyed a nice cool down walk up Market Street – no complaints here! That afternoon I headed back to Santa Cruz… only to return Friday for the SFM expo!

Some photos from my Wednesday morning run:

Empty Wharf - so peaceful

Empty Wharf – so peaceful

The Rock

The Rock

Sea Lions

Sea Lions


Clear Day!

Clear Day!

sail boats and GGB

What are you favorite things to do when visiting SF? Do you run on vacation?


6 thoughts on “My San Francisco Week

  1. Haha. I’m extremely familiar with how the first part of your trip went. Tropisueno is so good. All those places you ate/visited are really close to my work and running route, so it was like I was taking a tour while reading. The sushi place inside the Metreon (Sanraku)is pretty good. Can’t wait to read the rest.

  2. I LOVE everything about San Francisco! It’s definitely my favorite US city and possibly my favorite city in the world (so far)! My favorite things are the sea lions, Alcatraz, the food, and getting lost in all the different neighborhoods! I’m glad you share the same love as me for this city!

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