Fit Fridays: Rest Days

Happy Friday! This week has been a doozy  for me. My classes I teach are wrapping up and my work outs that were supposed to be easier have been tough! I had a short tempo run Tuesday followed by my favorite gym class, Body Pump. Lately, I have been following speed days with hill days. And this week was no exception. On Wednesday my billy goat friend, Jenn B., took me up a 1.5 mile hill climb at Wilder Ranch. Needless to say, my legs were tired Wednesday night. And that leads me to my topic for today: Rest Days.

I definitely was looking forward to my rest day, Thursday, this week. Rest days used to play an important role in my early running years. But over the past year they lost their priority. I took days off running but cycled or did another work out on those days. For the first two and half months of 2013, I didn’t even take a running rest day. And how did that work out for me? Not well! So now I value those rest days.


I usually take one full rest day a week. No running. No weights. No bike. No gym. I usually have a second day where I don’t run but might do another type of workout. I can feel the difference. I also try not to run more than 3 days in a row (if possible). I feel more rested and stronger when I come back to running. And while I can dread a rest day because I feel lazy and hyper aware of poor eating habits on those days, I have also come to look forward to them. I know my body needs to ay to recover, to heal its tired muscles so I can come back stronger and become a better runner.

It has been hard though! I see challenges like Running World’s Summer Streak. I really want to participate, but I know that if I want to meet my goals, I need to keep a rest day in my rotation. So, what are your feelings about rest days? Do you take them? Look forward to them? Dread them?


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