Fit Friday: Jawbone Up

Well it’s been a little while since I first told you all about my Jawbone Up. You might recall that the hubs got me the Up right before the L.A. Marathon. I wrote about it briefly in a past Fit Friday post.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 7.30.49 AM

Well I’ve had the bracelet for over 2 months now. And I still totally love it! It’s great to reach the 10,000 steps goal after a run, but even better on your rest days to keep you motivated to be moving around. It has also brought to my attention that I’m a poor sleeper. It tracks not just how long you sleep but also deep sleep versus light sleep. While my sleep is still averaging in the 5 hour range, it seems that lately I have been getting more deep sleep.

You can also track your food. I figured that this would be where I would slack off. But mostly, I have been pretty faithful at logging my food. This is partially because the app (available for iPhone and Android) makes it so easy. If the food has a barcode, you can scan it. And while not all foods are in their database, I’m pretty surprised at what they do have. You can also search and add foods/drinks manually. And those manually added foods are saved in your library so you can easily add them when you eat them again… great idea!

Screen Shot of Up iPhone App

Screen Shot of Up iPhone App

I do have a few small gripes. My band is dirty and I can’t seem to find a good way to make it look like new again… any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also, I have noticed in the last week, the single button the bracelet has seems to not react to my touch as easily as before. I read on the Up website that a reboot my fix this… I haven’t tried it yet but might need to. But other than that, the bracelet has yet to fail me. It’s comfortable and I remember to plug it into my phone regularly – and with rewards of seeing my progress, I actually really like to do so!

Do you track your activities using a system like the Jawbone Up or Fitbit? What are your thoughts?

*Disclaimer: Jawbone Up did not provide me with their bracelet and had no influence on my review.*


3 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Jawbone Up

  1. The Up looks so cute, although I ended up ordering the fitbit Flex. My parents both use the Fitbit platform (I bought them Fitbits for Christmas a couple of years back) so I figured I’d go in with them for fun. 🙂 They are excited to have me back on Fitbit! I started using my old one until my backorder comes in, and I’m already remembering how fun it is to see the data. Glad you still love yours too!

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