Sometimes You Fall Down

Ok, sometimes I fall down. (And not just on my blogging responsibilities!)

What a week of tumbles for my running/cycling friends! This past Saturday my friend Leslie called me to tell me she’d be missing our group run because her husband had been in a bike accident. While he had to got the ER, he is ok. Then the next day, my good friend Elise took a little spill on her bike coming down a steep hill. Yikes! 

And then this morning. On our hills repeats, I joked that I was due for a fall since it been two years since my last one (they seem to come every couple of years, that’s not just me right?). So the girls told me not to jinx myself and we continued our climb. After we had finished the hills, I needed a couple more miles so I headed out solo. It was light out and a nice morning, what’s a few miles anyway? And down I went! Just a few scratches, no big deal but man did I bring it upon myself! There were a couple of women out for their walk who saw me fall and all I could do was laugh when they asked if I was ok. What a dummy am I? Thankfully I was near a bathroom so I could rinse off my bloody knuckles (other than that just a little scratch on my knee). And headed back home.


Thankfully this wasn't what my hills looked like this morning!

Thankfully this wasn’t what my hills looked like this morning!


So, have you even taken a spill on a run? Have strangers helped you out? 


PS… who’s ready for the SF Marathon? I know I am!




2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Fall Down

  1. Haha, so glad you are ok! I took a bad spill, sort of a trip drop and roll, in the streets of San Jose one day. Tripped on a curb, go figure! Very bloody elbow and knee, bruised up hip, and some scratches on the sunglasses and garmin. Oh well, what can you do! Strangers around were staring and asking if I was ok.

  2. glad to hear that you are okay.

    I took a spill once while running some trails with a meet up group. I ventured with them into a trail I have never ran before and kicked a rock, which sent me flying, but in the air I still was able to pause my Garmin 🙂 haha … while running for a couple mile something didn’t feel right with my shoe. I figured it was a rock or something, until I stopped to sort it out and realized I busted a hole through the top where my big toe was and the funny feel was my big toe going in and out of the hole. I ended up running about 5 miles having to deal with my toe sliding in and out of my shoe with each step 🙂

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