My Boston Strong Weekend

Wow! What a whirlwind weekend!

Friday I was glued to media coverage of the manhunt and was so relieved when the second suspect was apprehended alive. This was great news as I headed into the Padres-Giants game at AT&T with the hubs and a few friends. When I was a kid I was a Giants fan but later embraced my hometown San Diego Padres. So Padres-Giants games are always fun for because I’m happy no matter who wins (Kevin, the die-hard Padres fan, does not embrace this same attitude šŸ™‚ ). However, at this game, the best part Ā was when the whole ballpark sang “Sweet Caroline” together with such celebration!

Saturday morning my running group, Santa Cruz Endurance, gathered a few runners together (about 20) for a long run dedicated to Boston. We broke the run into two halves letting runners run distances best suited to them and their training. We had a great turn out with lots of non-members joining us.



I am so proudĀ to beĀ a part of this running community and after this long hard week, I’m so proudĀ to beĀ a runner! We are Boston!


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