Fit Friday: Run for Boston

Well, we all know that this week has been a powerful and emotional one for us runners, especially those who were in Boston on Monday. While it has been a hard week, a painful week, it has also been a very meaningful one. I have never been more proud to call myself a runner and be a part of this running community than this week. Every mile I have run (and I know this is true for many of my friends) has been dedicated to Boston. This Fit Friday I am asking you to dedicate your workout to Boston too.

Many cities and clubs are holding Boston Memorial runs this Monday. I know fellow blogger, Pavement Runner, is helping to coordinate information on these runs: A Run for Boston in Your City. You can also find a comprehensive list of Boston Run events on Skinny Runner’s blog.

My running club is also organizing such a run, but for Saturday April 20. We hope if you are in the area that you will join us, wearing Boston gear or blue and yellow running clothes. Please RSVP to our run on our Facebook event page.


We runners are a community, we are strong, we are resolute, we are all Boston.

If you are considering running one of the San Francisco Marathon races, you can save $10 by using my discount code: DSC10AMBMG2013


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