Fit Friday: Body Combat!

So I’m dedicating today’s post to my new love/arch enemy: Body Combat.

Body Combat is the from the same creators of Body Pump, which I have discussed on my blog before. Body Combat is similar to Kickboxing, but I don’t remember getting this sore from that before! (Maybe it’s my dumb decision to have my Combat class follow Body Pump!).

Photo compliments of LesMills website

Photo compliments of LesMills website

According to the official website, Body Combat is a “warrior workout” where “you’ll strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness.” Ok sounds a little cheesy I know, but it’s totally amazing and has great music too. The website says you will burn an average of 737 calories (according to my Jawbone Up, that I’m still totally loving BTW, I burned 512 in tonight’s class). The results (again according to their website) are that the class tones and shapes, increases strength and endurance, and builds self confidence. I feel all of those are true! Plus, I’m lucky enough to take a class taught by a good friend who is not only a great group instructor (seriously she’s awesome!) but also a fantastic runner.

This is a great contribution to my weekly exercise routine and a nice change of pace when I’m not running. So what are your favorite non-running exercises? What ways do you like to cross train?


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