Fit Friday: What to Do When You Aren’t Doing Anything

Well, if you didn’t already see my post already, I ran the LA Marathon last Sunday and learned that I was over trained (look for a forthcoming post on the SFM blog soon about this). What does this mean now and for Fit Friday? Well, I’m taking a big fat rest from running, and this week, from exercise in general.

This has been a long, hard week for me. I usually run everyday. Some days I also do something (cycle, Body Pump, etc.). But this week, nada. I’m being “smart” and letting my body fully recover.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting around, eating Girl Scout cookies all day… (ok, I’ve been eating some girl scout cookies…). No I’ve been trying to walk more and this has been a real plus for my two pups. They have benefited the most from my recovery period, getting to go on long walks everyday.

And I have a new toy to track my steps, my eating, and my sleep: Jawbone Up bracelet. So far I love it! I love seeing how many steps I’m walking (making me feel slightly less guilty about that Girl Scout cookie) and how much sleep I get. It gives my over-analyzing brain something to focus on since I don’t have my runs to pick apart right now.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 7.30.49 AM

So what do you do on your down time? How do you try to stay fit?



5 thoughts on “Fit Friday: What to Do When You Aren’t Doing Anything

  1. Oh wow I haven’t seen the Jawbone bracelet! I used to use Fitbit, this is much cuter. πŸ™‚ Might have to check it out! Can’t wait for your SFM post on LA, I look up to your marathon training awesomeness. πŸ™‚

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