Fit Friday: Keeping Fit with a Busy Schedule

Hey hey, it’s Fit Friday again! And I know I haven’t posted anything since the last Fit Friday. It has been a crazy busy week: recovering from a cold, grading papers, teaching, preparing for my trip to So Cal for the Asics LA Marathon this weekend, and traveling yesterday. So no time for blogging… but I still made time for fitness.

We all have busy lifestyles and it can easy to let fitness be the thing that falls off when it just gets to be too chaotic. It has definitely happened for me… in fact when I ran my first marathon (the Big Sur Marathon, apparently it’s go big or go home) I was severely undertrained. Recently fellow SFM Ambassador Heather also blogged about keeping up with your running and I suggest heading over and check it out.

Don’t let all those blank spaces fool you, it’s essay grading time.

For me, the best way to keep up with my fitness goals and ensure I get in my exercise daily is to put it on the calendar. I live by my calendar. And I have to, I am a PhD candidate who is a teaching assistant, I teach two of my own community college classes, and I am the co-president for our graduate student government. I have some crazy busy days. But every day I have my run and sometimes other workout scheduled in on my calendar. This week it meant a few 5am runs (always with friends, thank goodness!) and it also meant taking advantage of the one free hour I had on Wednesday and running the track between a meeting with a professor and class. Sometimes this is not fun! Carrying a workout bag with wipies so I can clean up quickly and head on to the next thing isn’t ideal. But it works! Just like any meeting or agenda item I put on my calendar and have to attend, I also get to my run. Sure, there are days when my run that I originally planned to get done at 7am gets moved to 4pm because something happened, but the key is to never cancel but reschedule!

Photo compliments of the SFM FB page

So how do you manage your busy lifestyle and keep fit? What might work for you if you struggle with this?

And for all of you running LA on Sunday, I’ll see you there!



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