Fit Friday!

So I’m going to try a new regular post on the blog: Fit Friday! I’m hoping to share good ideas to stay fit and motivated every Friday. And I’d love your ideas too! You can send me your ideas by replying to this post, writing on the facebook page, or emailing me at laughresearchwriterun[at]gmail[dot]com.

So today’s tip? Get your workout in early! Everyone who knows me knows that if I can get my run, ride, or fitness class in early I will do it! It’s easy to find yourself caught up in the day and lose track of time… and then the day is over and the workout not done. Getting up an hour or so early to fit in your workout helps prevent fitness procrastination later in the day. Plus, if it’s early enough, you won’t be awake enough to realize what you’re about to do! Then the rest of the day you can feel proud of yourself for getting in that work out!  (You can read some more reasons to run early on my previous blog post on the SF Marathon here.)

Image courtesy of The SF Marathon FB page

Image courtesy of The SF Marathon FB page

So, what are you fitness tips?? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Fit Friday!

    • Great point Chris! It’s good to remember that different runs have different goals and that isn’t always speed 🙂

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