2012 Running Year in Review

Inspired by running friends and fellow SFM ambassadors Paulette and Alisyn, I wanted to review my year in running using a Q&A style. So here goes!

1) Best Race Experience
Wow, I had so many races this year that were really great experiences. I think I can narrow it down to three races. Of course, the SFM (2nd half) was an amazing race experience. It proved to me that I am capable of the goal times I have created for myself (1:43:03 at that race) and I did that wearing a tutu! You can read my recap of that race here.


My 2nd race experience was running NWM with fellow SCE runner, Leslie. NWM has always been a hard race for me but this year, it was pure fun! Running with Leslie made it a blast & it was still my fastest time on that course. You can read my recap of that race here.


My last race experience is, of course, CIM. It was the hardest race I have ever run. But it was great to share that day with so many of my new running friends (both SCE & SFM) and with my best friend and my husband. Read my recap of that race here.

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 6.41.52 PM

2) Best Run
My best runs this year have included runs with my SCE runners. Between long runs and Friday 5am runs, these girls (and guys) have kept me motivated and dedicated, as well as helped me better reach my running potential. These runs as well as some awesome trail runs with SCE and SFM ambassadors (shout out to Alisyn here), have been soo much fun this year!

5am run with Elise!

5am run with Elise!

And this was evidenced by my new half marathon PR secured at the Big Sur Half Marathon in November.

Almost to the finish!

Almost to the finish!

3) Best Piece of New Gear
My new Garmin (a birthday present from the hubs). I love it! I try to really on pay attention to it for mileage and only for pace when I’m doing speed workouts. It’s a great tool and has helped me keep to my weekly mileage. I have to also give a out shout out to my shoes too (but since those are being discontinued I can’t say they are the best gear).

Screen Shot 2012-11-18 at 11.56.15 AM

4) Best Piece of Running Advice Received
Hmmm… rest? Haha! I don’t know. I feel like I have received so much good advice this year and I have tried to implement it all. I guess that receiving encouragement to join a running team was the best piece of advice because joining my local running community changed my running world!

Running with SCE girls at Santa Run 2012

Running with SCE girls at Santa Run 2012

5) Most Inspirational Runner(s)
For sure this would be Elise! She faced a major injury in September forcing her to drop out of CIM. But she didn’t let this get her down. She kept her fitness up with modified cross fit cycles and aqua jogging. And she came back to running faster than ever! She even scored an amazing PR just a few weeks back! Talk about inspiration. Plus she’s a great friend!


6) If you could sum up your year of running in 3 words, what would they be?
Fast – this was my year of achieving new PRs (in the 5k, 6 mile, half marathon, & marathon). What a year!

Challenging – I have run more miles, with bigger challenges than I have ever run before. But it has made me a better runner and more confident in myself.

Social – I’ve always been active on dailymile and twitter when it comes to running, but this year I become a much more social runner. Most of my runs were with someone else. But besides joining SCE, I also have the privilege of serving as an San Francisco Marathon ambassador. I applied with the hope of encouraging other runners, but I have already learned so much and made so many new running friends – both online and in person. I can’t wait to meet the rest of the ambassadors in person in 2013! Did you see my first blog post as an SFM Ambassador? Check it out here.



How was your running year? What were your highlights?


10 thoughts on “2012 Running Year in Review

  1. Love this!! You are definitely an inspiration to me — as captured by this post, you have made me realize that mind over matter and putting in the time/miles is what makes you achieve great things (like PR after PR, and running 26.2 miles in pouring rain and still being happy)! You had such a fabulous 2012 running year! Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!

  2. I have never been a big runner because running is very difficult. You have to be very fit to accomplish it. In St. Louis is even more difficult sometimes because of the hills and things. Thanks for sharing though!

    • Thanks for the comment! I think you should give running another chance. Start small: my first months of running were less than a mile a day. Make running a 5k your goal, I’ve heard great things about the Coach to 5k program. You might find you actually like it!

  3. I hate it when a pair of shoes gets “discontinued”… Especially since it took me so long to find a comfortable pair to begin with. So, call me crazy…but sometimes I buy two of the same pairs of shoes. You know, to stock up and such.

    Anyway, love the Garmin watch too! (Ditched my Nike+ watch for a Garmin 410 – the Nike watch was pretty darn horrible. I bought it because it was convenient since all my runs were logged on their app. Now, I love my Garmin and Garmin Connect much, much more).

    Anyway, happy running!

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