My First Duathlon!

I wanted to post on this earlier but I have been waiting to get some photos. But I’m excited to share it with you all now!

On October 6, I participated in my first multi-sport event! This was part of the Mermaid series in Capitola (an all women, super friendly event). The event was the duathlon (for those of you unfamiliar with a duathlon its a run, bike, run). I had signed up for this event way back in June right after I bought my bike. Yep, I raced my bike after 4 short months of using it. In fact, I really didn’t train with my bike, just commuted on it, averaging 20-25 miles a week riding.

The morning started with meeting Shoshanah (another SCE member) to bike over to the transition area. We had to rack our bikes in different areas. After at first racking mine in the wrong place, I moved it to the correct place and did a quick look around for Sho. I couldn’t find her and figured she was warming up and decided to go out for my warm up run. I did a little over a mile and ended up over at the starting line on the Capitola Wharf.

Shoshanah & I after the race

I was able to see the first wave of swimmers and runners (age 35 & up) start and then lined up for my start. The first run was 1.5 miles and headed up Cliff Road, back down and under the Wharf on the sand and up Monterey Road, which is pretty steep. I felt very strong and passed all the women in my wave. Finishing time 11:56.

I entered the transition zone and quickly changed my shoes and put on my gloves and helmet. It took me 2:07, partially due to the fact I wanted my running shoes ready for the second transition. And then I headed out to cycling portion.

The bike portion was 12 miles. My plan for this portion was to ride hard but not out of my comfort zone. I passed a few women in the first couple miles and felt good. Then I saw the hill up Rio Del Mar. Yikes! It was steep! And right after a sharp turn, meaning I had lost all of my momentum. I tried not to over think it and just headed up, quickly changing my gears to their low setting. Many women walked their bikes, but not me! The rest of the course had some hills but that was definitely the hardest. I got passed a few times and I passed a few women. Finishing time for bike: 51:39. Soon I was back at the transition zone and heading out to the second run (1:48 transition time).

The second run was harder (this time a 2.5 mile run), my legs were so tired from the bike ride. I headed out and up toward Cliff Road. I wasn’t sure if I could run that hill again, but then I saw SCTC runner and friend Michelle. She was cheering me on just when I needed it! So up the hill I went and felt good. After the turn around I saw Sho, looking strong! I ran back down and on to the sand and finished at 15:39 (I think the course was a little short).

I waited to cheer on Sho as she crossed the finish line. We hung out for a bit and found out that I took 3rd in my age group and Sho took first overall in the Sprint Tri! I couldn’t believe I placed in my age group since this was my first time ever competing in this event. My final finishing time was 1:23:09.

At the awards ceremony I won 2 free personal training sessions and some other goodies. I can’t say enough good things about the Mermaids Series. It was a great event and I definitely will do it again.


5 thoughts on “My First Duathlon!

  1. Congrats on your first dualthlon! You’ll have to do their tri next 🙂 I ran their half marathon here in SD back in 2011. Such a fun race. Love the girlie feel. Its my standing half PR. Getting rusty, need to shake it up next year 😉

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