A Love Letter to My Running Shoes

No, this is not a sponsored post (although Brooks Running feel free to sponsor me at any time!). But I just have to share my love of my Green Silence shoes by Brooks.

I bought my first pair back in June. I had been wanting to move away from my heavier, clunkier shoes and make a real transition to a  minimalist shoe. I had been a die hard Mizuno fan (still love my Mizunos for trainers) but had been eyeing these beauties:

I headed into my trusty running store, Running Revolution. They didn’t have my size but ordered me a pair (mine came in the purple/yellow combo, it’s not the greatest color but does the trick, plus they’re all dirty and dusty now anyway). And it was love at first run! So much so that I bought a second pair online the following week to rotate through (and yes, I got the much prettier black/teal color combo).

I love these shoes so much, they are light and comfy. They have served me well on the track, in 5ks (placing in my age group and overall wearing them), in Wharf to Wharf (where I PRed), in the 2nd half of the SF Marathon (another PR), and on long runs, including an 18 miler. My feet always feel good and do I credit those PRs to my shoes? Well, no. But they certainly didn’t hurt!

So, yes I love my Green Silences. They make my feet happy. And they are good to the environment, certainly a plus in my books. Thanks Brooks for making these great shoes for me!


2 thoughts on “A Love Letter to My Running Shoes

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