Color Me Rad

This past weekend I ran the Color Me Rad 5k with three awesome friends, Pat, Jenn, and Laura (Jenn and Laura from SCE). The event is fun run (no timing chips, no placing) that raised money for the Pacific Autism Center for Education. The idea is that you start the race clean and pristine…

and then as you run through color stations…

you turn into a colorful running fool!

I picked up our packets the day before that included the normal tee, some awesome Fay Bans (fake Ray Bans), and “RAD” temporary tattoos. The race was held in San Jose on a cloudy morning. We headed out from Santa Cruz, parked at a nearby strip mall, and jogged over to the event. I couldn’t believe how many people were there! Lots of people wanted some serious color!


We didn’t go into this like we would a normal race. We didn’t run fast and we even took a long potty break before we even hit half a mile. We stopped and took pictures and just had fun. And, as you can see, we did a little jumping too!










This was definitely a fun experience and I had so much fun running with my friends. If you ever have a chance to get colored rad, I say go for it!

BTW: it was super choose from all the fun photos we had from that day, Laura did an awesome job taking pictures!


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