2011, what a year!

How is it that 2012 is just a couple short days away?? I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. (And how bad I’ve been at blogging in general.) But before it ends I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments of 201

Running my First Marathon (May 1)
I can’t believe I accomplished this goal, but I did! And you can re-read my blog post all about it here.

Moving (May 8)
Ok, I don’t like moving either (and we moved a mere week after the marathon, terrible idea)… but I really like the place we moved into.

Driving to Washington (June 30-July 1)
I don’t have a photo for this one but this was the longest road trip Kevin and I have taken together. I really enjoyed our drive, mostly because Oregon and Washington are just so beautiful to drive through but Kevin’s a pretty good road buddy too. And we got an extra special perk by being able to stop in Oregon to say hello to our good friends Natalie and Jeremy and their two boys.

Bachelorette Party & Bridal Showers (June & July)
I was lucky enough to have a wonderful bachelorette party and two showers. My friend Tawny threw the party and it was perfect. Hiking, wine, and homemade food? Yes, please. Then Kevin’s family threw us a shower in Washington, so much fun. It was nice too because many of the people who were at the shower were unable to attend the wedding. And finally, my maid-of-honor threw a shower in my hometown (ok not really but close enough) and it was so nice to have all my friends and family gathered together who don’t usually all hang out.
You can read about all three in my summer recap post.

Seeing Friends Get Married (June, August, & September)
I love a good wedding and I love when I get to be there to see my friends tie the knot. I was lucky enough to attend three weddings this year (Dan & Juliana, Dustin & Erica, and Cedric & Kelly). All three had ceremonies and receptions that reflected who they were and their love for one another. Kevin couldn’t come to Kelly’s wedding (it was his bachelor party weekend), so my mom came with me and made the perfect date (thanks Mom!).

Halloween Party (October)
Kevin and I used to throw Halloween parties all the time (ok really, Kevin did and then I joined the fun). This was the first year we threw a party in Santa Cruz and it was awesome. The costumes were great (I particularly loved the Psycho movie and having both the 99% and 1% represented). But it was extra special fun because we had friends from So Cal, Gilroy, and Petaluma also join in. And anytime I get to bake with Tawny, I’m stoked.

Our First Thanksgiving (November)
I’ve been meaning to write a post about this but not sure that will happen at this point. But this was our first time hosting Thanksgiving. I made two pies, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. Kevin and our friend Pat made the turkey (which I heard was delicious and looked beautiful). That morning Kevin and I also ran our first race together. Some of our friends brought side dishes and it seemed like the perfect night… until three our guests’ cars got towed 😦

Let’s see, I feel like I’m forgetting something about this year that was pretty awesome….
Oh yeah, our wedding!

Our Wedding (September 18)
So I guess technically I attended four weddings this year, but I have to say the last one was my favorite! The venue was perfect and while our wedding was smallish, it was so wonderful to be with friends and family as we made our vows. Plus we danced the night away at our reception. You can read about our wedding in my series Encyclopedia of Me, here.

And while 2011 was exciting and eventful, I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings us! Happy New Years blogosphere 🙂


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