Encyclopedia of Meg: J

I started this post almost a month ago… but I didn’t get very far:

Ok, J is a difficult letter. I couldn’t think of much that started with the letter. Jokes? No I’m a terrible joke teller (I laugh in the middle and usually am giggling through the punch line). Jello? I don’t know the last time I ate jello. Um.. yeah that’s about all I can come up with for the letter J…

Yeah, clearly I was having some troubles. But I have now decided that J is for Just Married… One last excuse to include wedding stuff in my blog. And for the 2 of you who read this and aren’t on Facebook I’m including some of my favorite photos of the night (professional photos aren’t ready yet … so these were taken by family and friends).

So far, we love being married 🙂 And this past Tuesday marked 8 years since Kevin asked me to be is girlfriend. I can’t believe we’ve been together for 8 years already, how does that happen? But things are going along swimmingly. And while we didn’t have a real honeymoon (hopefully next summer), out little minimoon to Disneyland was lots of fun.

But back to the wedding. The crazy thing about the wedding itself is how fast it goes by. Yes, I know everyone says that. Everyone told me before, “try to soak it all in, it goes by so fast.” No kidding! After the wedding, Kevin & I both couldn’t believe it was already over. I tried after a few days to write down some of my favorite memories so I wouldn’t forget. Here’s what I have:

Kevin saying “You look so beautiful” when I walked down the aisle
Cole playing “I Will”
Moni’s toast
Colin’s toast “Kevin plays A LOT of video games and Meg never complains”
Drinking champagne before the ceremony with the bridesmaids and spilling it everywhere
Taking shots with the wedding party after the ceremony

I wish I would have wrote down more, I’ll keep trying to write things I remember. Oh well. Like every wedding in history, the week leading up to it all was chaotic and crazy. My mom and I had a million projects to do and I think we both made ourselves ill from it. But it was worth it. The decorations and flowers were exactly what I had envisioned and with the exception of a few snafus including a missing handkerchief, everything was perfect.

But here’s what you all want… photos.

Getting Ready


Wedding Venue


Cole played the processional

Mr & Mrs

Cakes by Amy D 🙂

Flower girl with her daddy

Bouquet Toss


The competition to catch the garter was fierce

Last Dance

PS, we had the best vendors and I recommend them all! Seriously, we got so lucky!
Venue: The Casino, San Clemente
Catering: Carbonara’s
Photography: Punam Bean (engagement), En Pointe Photography (wedding)
Invitations: Scribble Sketch Press
Cake: Cakes by Amy D.
DJ: Rob Wilkins Entertainment


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