Sharing Blogs: Monika with K

Ok, I just discovered this blog but after finishing my first marathon yesterday (more on that in an upcoming blog) – I just had to share Monika’s little place on the web!

Why do I need to share it? 3 Reasons: 1. She’s a runner and has great posts about her ups and downs in the world of running. 2. She’s from SD – represent! 3. This post: “26 Reasons I Love Marathons

I love whenever bloggers have a positive spirit and have something to share. We can’t all relate to running or marathoning, I know, but just reading about someone else’s experiences makes me want to go for a run (even though my legs are so incredibly sore right now). In a world where fast food is easy to come by and finding motivation to get out there and run, a blog like this is just fantastic!

Even when Monika has rough races, her blog posts are useful. Check out this post, “Dealing with Disappointment.” Runner or not, we have all felt bad about a performance at work or school, in a race or competition, etc. I love when I find someone willing to share those difficulties in a way to learn from them – both for the blogger and the reader. She writes in this post “Distance running gives you a lot of time to be with yourself. Distance walking gives you a lot more time. I mean a lot. Its uncomfortable and interesting, and in the end there is no downside to talking to yourself, reflecting, and getting to know yourself.” How true – and how important to share.

Finally, I have to share Monika’s wonderful blog because I have support my other dailymilers. While distance running being with yourself, dailymile is not.

Thanks Monika for the great blog!


2 thoughts on “Sharing Blogs: Monika with K

  1. Thanks for the shot out! My blog is more of a journal at times and a place for me to unload emotions truthfully. I’ve found the writing theraputic. :o) I see you have two dogs – me too! So cute. I have a million pix of my dogs sleeping on the couch. Are you doing any local races soon? Or are you doing SF this year? I see your dailymile goal is for 2012. BTW my half PR goal is also 1:45. I’m slooowly chipping my way down. At the rate I’m going in 3 more years I might make it. haha ;o)

  2. I’m running the SF 1st half this year. With school and such finding time to train (well) for another marathon this year just isn’t realistic. I’m doing a couple other races around the bay and central coast area as well. Glad to have found your blog & dm page!

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