Encyclopedia of Meg: G

G is for Gus!

Meet Gus, our sweet new puppy. (Don’t worry Sami fans, you can guess what the S post in this series will be!) We got Gus a few weeks ago from a rescue center, Friends of Canine. We had been looking for a friend for Sami and really wanted to rescue a pup. But we also wanted a young dog because we wanted it to be an easy transition for Sami. We scoured the web and came across three little brother pups.

Amazingly, the center’s owners brought the pups out twice! We got to see how each one interacted with Sami and who would be the best fit. I was smitten with Gus from the minute I saw him, but we thought his brother, Ben, might be a better fit. Ben was a little more playful with his brothers and taller than Gus. But with Sami, Ben transformed into a shy little guy while Gus held his own. So we knew, Gus it is!

Gus has been such a great little guy, he loves Sami. They play all the time. He’s pretty calm for a puppy, but still loves to go on a walk or run around with his big “sister.” He’s still figuring out this whole housebreaking thing, but he’s making progress. And I love having two dogs because at the end of the day, I have a pup on either side of me when I watch TV.


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