Ice Cream Making: Thin Mint Chocolate Chip

Ok I must thank my fiance for the ice cream maker he got me for Christmas! I love it! I’ve now made three batches of ice cream and I think each one is a little better than the last.

Last week I combined two of my favorite desserts: ice cream and Girl Scout cookies. I took my friend’s recipe for chocolate ice cream and added two cups of crumbled cookies. The end result was creamier than the previous ice creams I have made thus far. I think the secret was the use of corn starch and cream cheese. I will definitely be using this combo again in my ice creams. I also really liked not using egg yolks. It seems more healthy (although with all the sugar and chocolate, there’s not much “health” in this tasty dessert!)
The end result also tasted great! I don’t know why someone hasn’t mass-produced mint chocolate cookie chocolate ice cream… I guess because no mint cookie compares to the Girl Scout classic.

If you are looking for a first foray into ice cream making, I highly recommend this one!


One thought on “Ice Cream Making: Thin Mint Chocolate Chip

  1. Actually Dreyers does make a seasonal Thin Mint ice cream (I would know, I guess– heehee!), but I’m sure yours was way better. 🙂
    I’m not sure this version is any “healthier” per se, because I think eggs are great for you, but it’s sure a lot less work, wouldn’t you say? The whole egg yoke process is a pain in my opinion!!

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