Encyclopedia of Meg: F

F is for FOOD! And especially food with good friends. I love food, I love to cook and bake. And I love to eat food. I don’t eat meat (except fish) but that doesn’t mean that I eat less! (I wish I did, I’m kind of a pig!) Nope, I love to eat and no description of me would be accurate without including my love of food.

I especially love to go out to eat. I really do love to cook and bake, especially when we have friends or family to share it with, but nothing tops going to a tasty restaurant with a group of good friends. One of my favorite things to do is have a night out with friends at I Love Sushi (which is aptly named because 1. it serves sushi and 2. I do love sushi!!). And nothing beats having a good meal with good friends and a great glass of wine.




Therefore, here are some of my favorite restaurants (both around where I live now and where I grew up):

Breakfast Food/Coffee: Beach Break Cafe (best breakfast food, EVER), Walnut Cafe, Pannikins (you MUST also try their pie!), Vinaka’s, Kelly’s Bakery, and Mocha Marketplace (yes, I know that’s not its name anymore, but it will always be Mocha to me!)

Lunch: Alejandro’s, Taqueria Santa CruzFalafel, Charlie Hong Kong, Betty Burgers, In N Out (they have killer cheese sandwiches for us veggies), Pizza My Heart, Pho Saigon Express

Dinner: I Love Sushi (see above link), Love Boat Sushi, Burger, Saturn Cafe, Malabar, Blanca, Nobo

I know I’m forgetting some places, so what are your favorites?



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