Encyclopedia of Meg: E

E is for engaged!

(sorry for those who saw this on Facebook, I promise every post won’t be about the engagement!)

When I first started this project, I jotted down some ideas for the letters in the alphabet. E was one of the letters I had no ideas for… I figured I would come up with it when the time rolled around. And looky here, I have something for the letter E! Actually a little early (normally I post my “Encyclopedia of Meg” posts on the 10th of the month, but forgive my excitement for this post).

Three days ago, on Christmas, Kevin proposed. It was beautiful. That morning we opened presents with his parents (we usually do Christmas eve with my parents and Christmas morning with his). He got me some great gifts (I can’t wait to try out my ice cream maker attachment for the mixer!) and so I didn’t expect a ring later in the day. We followed the regular tradition of watching a movie on Christmas day (True Grit) with both sets of parents. And then we sat down for a beautiful Christmas dinner. Kevin stood up to give a toast about having our families together on the holiday. We all cheered and then he kept speaking. I had a feeling at that point of what was happening, I remember saying, “You are going to make me cry.” Then he got down on one knee. I started to cry. Now I wish I remembered what happened but its all a blur. In fact the next day, I had to ask my mom, did he say “will you marry me?” Did I say yes? (Yes to both questions.)

So now we are happily engaged. It was so great to have both sets of parents participate in our special day. And I loved so much that he asked on Christmas. I love Christmas! And now it’s an even better holiday! Fun fact, the ring was from Kevin Jewelers… haha!

For all of those who said “about time”… it was worth the wait!


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